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Platinum Sponsor:
Enthof Brand Communications & Design

Enthof Brand Communications & Designs is an award-winning, multi-national branding communications & designs agency with offices in Singapore and the India. We help numerous brands build meaningful connections with their audiences by providing the perfect creatives solutions for branding, promotional campaigns, graphic designs, online promotion and web-traffic generation. Better branding experience can be obtained if the target audience’s expectations and the brand positioning are at harmony.

They have recently introduced an Islamic Branding division called ‘Halal Brand Studio’ for businesses seeking to appeal to Muslim consumers by creating brand identities that confirms to the beliefs, ideologies and laws of Islam thereby creating a Halal brand for the clients.

Knowledge Partner:
Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International is the world leader in strategy research for consumer markets. Global coverage and leading edge innovation make our products essential for companies worldwide. From socio-economic context to intimate detail on the smallest products or markets, we offer unmatched detail and unbiased content for every region, country, category and channel. Euromonitor International market research focuses on industry, country, company and consumer lifestyle research. We analyze companies and markets in more than 200 categories across 80 countries.

Media Partners:

FAJAR.CO.ID is a national news portal under PT. Dawn National Network based in Kebayoran Lama Street, Pal 7. Number 17, South Jakarta. FAJAR.CO.ID started its existence since December 17, 1996. Originally FAJAR.CO.ID is based in Makassar City of South Sulawesi, as a news portal of Fajar newspaper, which is the largest newspaper in Eastern Indonesia.On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, located at Graha Lembang 9 South Jakarta, FAJAR.CO.ID officially launched as a national news portal based in Jakarta. In April 2016, the entire Fajar Group website integration process was effectively implemented. Now, FAJAR.CO.ID is still improving and innovating, as well as providing useful information to readers in cyberspace.


HalalFocus.com is a news resource for the global Halal industry and the Muslim consumer. Providing online daily news updates, cutting edge commentary and in-depth analysis on the developments within this fast moving international Halal sector. The Halal sector covers food from farm-to-fork, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, fashion, travel, media and entertainment, and it is developing rapidly worldwide.

Islamic Events

IslamicEvents.sg aims to be a one-stop portal which is dedicated to providing detailed information on Islamic religious classes and courses as well as Islam-related events and happenings in Singapore and Malaysia, for the ease and convenience of Muslims to obtain such information. In the same vein, apart from news and views of events, we also aim to bring to the community other useful information pertaining to the different aspects of Muslim life, such as halal food places and prayer locations. IslamicEvents is founded and maintained by IslamicSG Networks.

Islamic Finance news (IFN)

Islamic Finance news (IFN) is REDmoney’s principal publication. IFN is a digital, subscription-based publication available online and through smartphone and tablet applications. Published weekly, the journal provides exclusive and comprehensive coverage of the global Islamic financial markets through in-house analysis and expert external contributions, in addition to a daily news service, additionally quarterly supplements and a variety of special annual issues.

With an archived website containing over 40,000 exclusive reports, the IFN portfolio also hosts a suite of proprietary tools including the industry’s largest interactive terminology glossary, a directory of over 4,000 global Islamic financial institutions and a portal to Islamic Banking Intelligence, the most comprehensive source of segmented Islamic banking financial data.

(Support YIEC – Profits of the book sale are being donated to YIE by the authors.)


REDmoney Group is the foremost global provider of specialized Islamic financial media services across two core divisions of events and publishing. Established in 2004, the firm has offices in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur: offering an unrivalled multi-channel service across the full spectrum of the global financial markets.

REDmoney Group covers the full range of global markets: from emerging Islamic economies across Africa and Asia to industry leaders such as Malaysia and the GCC along with developed nations in Europe and the Americas seeking to enter the sector. The company offers unequalled access to the elite of the industry, with relationships built up over a decade of trusted communication with market leaders to provide a detailed network covering every aspect of Islamic financial services.

SME Magazine

SME Magazine is Southeast Asia’s best selling business magazine. Dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs, SME Magazine, features current news and in-depth analysis, and practical articles and features in everyday language.

A rapidly expanding sector, SME companies form the bulk of businesses throughout Asia and is often referred to as the thrust of the new economy. SME Magazine speaks to the owners and entrepreneurs, people at the driving seats of their respective business.

With a trendy cover coupled with a creative and refreshing layout, SME is exciting, inspiring and motivating. Driven by an excellent pool of correspondents and contributors, SME Magazine high quality articles are diversified, detailed and written in a way that gives our readers a global perspective while maintaining unique local insight.


Mvslim is an online community that encourages creativity, self-development and entrepreneurship. Mvslim is founded by Taha Riani and Hanan Challouki, supported by a group of writers and artists who share their experiences, daily lives and tips on a wide range of topics. Their goal is to inspire and motivate you and each other. Mvslim unites people from different backgrounds and cultures, not only to create a strong community of Muslims, but to make the world of Muslims more accessible to others. Sharing stories and keeping an open mind is what Mvslim is all about.

Mvslim’s content aims to not only inspire millennials, but to break the already existing stereotypes that are very present in our society. By telling the stories of ambitious and creative people, the community seeks to motivate their audience to aim high, while making it clear to others that they need to let go of their stereotypical and unrealistic thoughts.”

Association Partner:
Kinerja Bisa

KinerjaBisa Holding Pte Ltd is a B2B platform for business owners especially from Indonesia who aspire to expand their business overseas through Singapore by using reliable technology and ecommerce market place solution.

The meaning of Kinerja is “Performance” and the meaning of Bisa is “Able / Can Do“; we combine the two words together to achieve mutual business collaboration with strong support and positive attitude. Our business services are combination between online solution and offline business matching solution for B2B.

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